Joyce & Lynne

                           Lynne and Joyce are on another adventure

Many odd years ago, Lynne and Joyce met in a meant-to-be fashion and a few years later collaborated on Lynne's book To Do ... Doing ... Done! Both are delighted to now be on a new journey together.

Joyce's Gratitude Spot
Joyce Wycoff has long been fascinated by the human spirit and the seemingly bottomless potential for growth and expansion. She is called by the mystery of why one person moves toward joy while another is pulled toward pain and suffering. The cause seems to be more than life circumstance.
Life abounds with stories of triumph over adversity, heroism in the midst of devastation, radical forgiveness in the face of horrific atrocities. Through the years as she became more aware of the power of gratitude, it became clear that this quality was one of the prime differences between people who are joyful and people who are not.                       

When she discovered that recent studies confirmed the power of gratitude, she decided to create a journal to formalize the practice of gratitude for herself. She saw miracles appearing almost immediately, and decided to publish the journal so it could be used by others as a real practice rather than just a “nice idea.”

One of the first people to start using the journal (Gratitude Miracles ... the five-minute journal that could change everything) was Lynne Snead. They talked about it off and on over the years and when they both decided to rededicate themselves to the practice, Lynne wanted a workbook ... a letter-sized workbook that would lie flat and provide more space for writing.

The fact that Gratitude Miracles was a 6x9 book didn't stand in Lynne's way ... she printed two copies and Joyce was stunned by the difference size made. After using the bigger journal for a few weeks, they both wanted to make it available to others and incorporate all the new findings related to gratitude practice. They were off on a reinvention collaboration.

Lynne's Gratitude Spot

Lynne Snead: Miracles do happen. I have been known to say in the past, "I don't just believe in miracles, I rely on them." That changed for awhile when at the highlight of having my own business up and running successfully, and loving it, I got lyme disease. I witnessed the crash of my life as I knew it. I lost several years of my life, a home, a marriage, small fortune on medical bills, etc... 

But finally, after the 4 1/2 years it took to get a correct diagnosis, treatment had me back at my consulting job and a few lucrative years of work in the bay area. By 2015, it was time to recoup some lost years so to fulfill a dream, I traded my truck and camper in for a 24 foot RV, and hit the road with my 2 dogs and 2 cats. I knew I had a lot to be grateful for, but the losses had me momentarily not so sure about miracles.

I wasn't particularly thinking of miracles when I started the Gratitude Miracles journal in 2016. In fact, if the book had been written by someone other than my long-time friend, I probably wouldn't have ventured in. I had my life mapped out for the moment. I thought. I was living my dream, year two, traveling across country in my RV with my pet pals. I was on my way to explore the possibility of sharing my life with someone I had met while in Florida the previous winter. Her summer home was in Pittsburgh. We would spend time there and then travel back to Florida together.

Every day gratitudes poured into my journal as I drove across the yellow brick road to my new destiny. However, when I arrived, my destination turned into a brick wall. All I could think was, “What now?” I had sold my home in California. The Florida plan had just exploded. The sense of rootlessness was surprising for a nomad like me. I turned back west with the idea of meeting up with my traveling pal Joyce, and heading to Oregon for a camping vacation until I could figure out what was next for my life.
I was disappointed and disheartened, but still kept writing in my journal as I followed the highways west. The idea of finding a miracle was the last thing on my mind. However, somewhere mid-country, I got a text from a friend inviting me to stop for a visit in Michigan. “Why not?” I thought and turned north.

Joyce and I often did map checks with each other as we travelled. After a couple of weeks of visiting friends in Michigan, I called her to say I was on my way west. She didn’t hear from me for the next few days because the miracle mysteriously arrived out of the blue, as miracles do. I had a strong feeling that I had left something critically important in Michigan. Basically, it was my heart. I was driving west, but feeling like there was a bungee cord fastened to the back of the RV, trying to pull me back. I turned back and proposed the crazy idea to Mary that we could move to Florida together. I was ecstatic to find out that she shared the same dream. We headed to Florida together where we have recently celebrated our fifth anniversary. We thank God every day for the series of events and miracles it took to bring us together. 

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