Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Wednesday Mojo: Gratitude as our teacher

Diamonds and Sea
Mojo =s the spark of life, of energy, of creativity.

Robert Holden, PhD, a British psychologist, author, and broadcaster who works in the field of positive psychology and well-being, states on page 53 of Gratitude Mojo:

"I have learned that gratitude 

is much more than just a positive attitude or a nice idea; 

it is a spiritual practice that can transform 

your perception of who you are 

and how you experience the world. 

Gratitude teaches you how to live." 

Lynne and I stop in our tracks every time we read that quote. If gratitude practice could be boiled down to one quote, that seems as close as anyone could come.

Gratitude shifts our mindsets about who we are and the world around us.

Last night I listened to a successful Asian business woman talking about life as an Asian in America. It made all of us listening sad and we talked for awhile about how we might help change the American experience for those people who don’t look like "US” ... meaning, all too often, white and middle class ... the norm.

Lots of ideas about diversity were suggested … good ideas … however, it struck me that the underlying value missing as we think about equality is gratitude. Until we become grateful for the gifts of diversity, we can’t truly honor even ourselves, since each one of us is a speck of diversity and not a cardboard cutout stereotype. We have no black or white; we are a spectrum of lighter and darker; states or nations are simply lines on a map drawn by humans, rich or poor goes beyond numbers on a balance sheet.

As Margaret Mead said, 

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. 

Just like everyone else.”

Until we honor our own uniqueness, our own bit of diversity, how can we possibly honor the uniqueness of those around us and the gifts of a multitude of perspectives and experiences? We take care of what’s important to us and gratitude helps us broaden our perspective of what’s important.

We may hate flies, but they are an important food source for birds and frogs, and the world would be a lonely place without their song.

“Gratitude teaches you how to live,” says Holden. It teaches us to appreciate ourselves and the myriad of tiny, diverse miracles around us. 

Dig deeply enough into any of the major issues of our world and you will find a lack of gratitude. Being truly grateful for everything around us is the foundation of health, happiness, harmony, honesty, honor, and how we care for our world. Being grateful for all that comes our way is not always easy, but it is always healing.

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