Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Announcing: Gratitude Mojo: Your Transformation Journey for a Better Life

A friend said ... "this is not your mother's, 

blank page, gratitude journal." 

We agreed.

    Journals are a great place to start your gratitude journey. However, gratitude is like an iceberg and writing two or three things you're grateful for every day is just the tip of a massive super power iceberg.

Newly Released:
Spiral bound workbook, 8 1/2" x 11"
high quality paper, over 200 pages

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    All beneficial practices take time to create and it's hard to maintain a practice unless you see a clear return for the effort. By now, almost everyone knows about all the studies proving that gratitude benefits our health, happiness, relationships, success and almost everything else in the most remarkable ways. However, when Lynne Snead and Joyce Wycoff recommitted to practicing gratitude using Joyce's original Gratitude Miracles journal, they didn't know they were entering the new world of neuroscience.

    The Backstory: The first shift came when Lynne said she wanted an 8 1/2 x 11 workbook with great quality paper and plenty of room to write. The Gratitude Miracles book was 6" x 9" book commercially printed on cheap paper. Joyce couldn't see beyond the current reality and didn't think it was important ... until Lynne printed larger-sized, better paper versions for both of them. Suddenly, the heavens parted and Joyce saw the light. More of this story is in Gratitude Mojo.

Neuroscience Studies reveal new depths to Gratitude

   Neuroscience studies took us deeper into how our thoughts, emotions and choices are transformed by chemical and electrical processes into powerful mindsets. Gradually, as we (and several other gratitude-oriented friends) worked and reworked the original ideas in Gratitude Miracles, we developed a simple, guided, step-by-step process for exploring yourself and your life in order to create your best, authentic life. The result?

     Gratitude Mojo ... a guided, 26-week, themed process for developing 

the life-enhancing super power of gratitude all in a few minutes a day.

    Gratitude Mojo builds on a foundation of gratitude through … 

    ... Engaging questions to help you understand yourself and your life
     ... A fun way to identify your most important personal values
Sample page: Week 3: Self-compassion
(click to see detail)

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    ... Practical guidance for transforming self-sabotaging thought habits 
powerful life mindsets
... Inspiring wisdom from over 200 great thought leaders
Sample page: Week 3: Self-compassion
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... Naming and appreciating your emotions 
in a way that avoids toxic positivity
... Daily micro-behaviors which deepen your focus and attention
Sample page: Week 3: Self-compassion
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   ... Weekly self-reflection journaling 
to strengthen new thoughts and behaviors
... Neuroscience insights to help apply 
brain plasticity practices to your own life.

Sample page: Week 3: Self-compassion
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We can't guarantee that you will walk on water
or win the SuperLotto ...

however, we can guarantee that ... 

if you invest a few minutes a day with this practice,

you will find miracles on this journey.


 Order now ... but only if you're ready to explore 

the amazing possibilities of your own life:

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You will be able to pay by PayPal or credit card.

(Unfortunately, this offer is only valid in the US right now.)

Special Gratitude Buddy Discount

We believe practicing gratitude with a buddy is more fun and more effective.

Therefore, if you order two copies (with contact info for both), 

the second one will be discounted $10.

Also, group discounts are available,

tell us about your group and we'll provide a quote


Safety guarantee:

we will never sell or release your information to anyone else.

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