Tuesday, November 30, 2021

NEW! Gratitude Mojo ... where a few minutes a day sparks a better, happier life

When your mojo is working, 
your energy is turned on and 
things rather effortlessly fall into place. 

Gratitude is feeling thankful

for the good things in your life 

as well as for the tough times and challenges 

that help you learn and grow, becoming 

a stronger, happier, more resilient person.

Gratitude Practice is deliberately

paying attention to 

everything you value.

Gratitude Mojo is understanding that 

 everything is a gift!

 While countless academic studies have proven that gratitude brings us greater happiness, health, and success, it is actually the practicing of gratitude that brings results. Keeping a gratitude journal is a universal recommendation as it not only focuses your thoughts on what you’re grateful for, it is a way of honoring your own life journey.

In order to help everyone achieve Gratitude Mojo, we are introducing a simple system to turn your gratitude practice into a powerful habit. It may seem like a lot, however, it actually only takes a few minutes a day to create amazing results using this full size journal which offers you engaging prompts that make it easy to write about the wonders in your life.

After only three weeks of working with the Gratitude Mojo journal, Barbara Muller wrote:

“This journal stops you in your tracks, giving you space to find the miracles in your life. 

I used Joyce’s first gratitude journal for years but never actually “got it!” Today, I couldn’t stop writing and I was practically weeping with gratitude for my life. 

Gratitude Mojo proves that size matters and gives me space to respond to the many inspiring prompts that call me to look at various aspects of my life. 

I am falling in love with gratitude journaling as it sparks wonder for my own life.” 

— Barbara Muller, PeacePodcast.org

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Gratitude Mojo is the new, advanced journal for gratitude practice which takes you even deeper into the amazing gifts of gratitude. 

Gratitude Miracles, the 5-minute journal that could change everything! is available at amazon.com. Click Here.

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