Monday, August 15, 2016

The book is out (click here to get yours). It has already attracted six amazing reviews on amazon. There is a generous amount of info showing on the "Look inside" view.

Customer Review Snippets:

"I've worked with gratitude journals sporadically over many years and I always experience results that make me wonder why I don't do this every day. It's like daily exercise: even though we know how important it is, and yes it makes a difference, it's still hard to do every day. Joyce Wycoff has put this book together with a design, a process, and forms, that make this a pleasure to experience." G.L. Snead

 "Finally, a journal to express my gratitude for my life and all that surrounds me. In my first few days of using this lovely journal, miracles started showing up." Barbara Muller 

"This is the easiest gratitude journal I've ever tried to use. It really does only take five minutes but I find myself spending more time reading wonderful quote and research and even following through into the websites offered as further study." Dolores Forsythe 

"I just cracked the journal open today and made my first entry! I'm excited to use it to develop a *practice* of gratitude. The research in the area is amazing and I'm inspired to keep it going and watch the miracles flow." Andrea Woodward 

"Wow! This goes way beyond the worn advice, "Count your blessings." I’ve been committed to doing that for years. This journal offers guidance and encouragement to celebrate a pattern in your life events. This author boosts you from acceptance to anticipation! No matter your philosophy or faith - try it!" Amazon customer

"What a well organized and easy to use journal. I love the way it’s organized around the benefits of gratitude and incorporates research on how and why gratitude is such a powerful practice." Patricia Conwell

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