Sunday, August 28, 2016

Being Grateful for All the Things Climate Change Can't Change

Monster storms, rising waters, methane laced sink holes. ... It's easy to be terrified, to feel powerless, to abandon hope.

Indigenous people and Australian kayakers protest coal.
Josh Fox, documentary maker of award-winning Gasland fame (a must see if you have any questions about the fracking or the value of natural gas), has a new documentary that asks us to reframe the question from "What can we do?" to "What are we so grateful for that we will do whatever we can to save it?"

Fox asks, "What are the things that climate change cannot destroy? What are those parts of us that are so deep that no storm can take them away?"

The documentary shows Pacific Islanders (who are already losing villages to the rising seas) shouting "We are not drowning; we are fighting!" as they head out in their hand-carved canoes to join the blockade of one of the world's largest coal ports in Australia. Click here to watch the clip about this documentary. 
Click here to view the official trailer.

 The documentary is available from iTunes for $9.99.

Click here to read more about this protest.

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